Time to Buy Homes in the Triangle is Now!

Hello NC Residents and future Residents in all other 49 States! People are rapidly moving to NC everyday. With a 4 season climate, Great Education, Job Growth is Booming and we can't supply enough homes for the demand. New Construction is very popular right now because there really aren't many old homes for sale. In a recent article published Raleigh/Durham Rental prices on single family homes has been at an all time rise beating out almost the whole country with Rent Increases. If your looking to buy soon, now is the time. Housing is still affordable and being a landlord might not be for everybody but statistics show that Property Ownership in the triangle can bring your great return. Just think!! A 15,000 down payment on a property now, rent it for 15 years and when your child is ready for college, sell the property and theres your college fund. Plant small seeds and watch them grow. Let your money work for you

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